Ipe (pronounced e-pay) deck wood is a hardwood that frequently goes by various names… or is grouped with similar exotic hardwoods: Cambara, Ipe decking, Brazilian walnut, greenheart wood, Ironwood™, and Pau Lope™. Most of this hardwood decking grows in South America and it is noted for extreme density and hardness (actually sinks in water). Ipe as a deck wood is five times harder than pressure treated yellow southern pine. Ipe deck wood is so durable that, left untreated, it will last over 40 years, and up to 100 years if deck oil is applied. Ipe hardwood decks typically have a deep, rich brown luster with some pieces displaying a golden hue giving the wood beauty and character.
There is no other natural material that will outlast or look as beautiful as Ipe deck wood. Ipe hardwood decks will remain smooth and splinter free as long as you own your deck!

If Ipe hardwood  is left natural and not stained, it will mildew and turn a dull gray color. In this application,  Ipe is maintenance free.  If stained and sealed, Ipe will retain its original rich brown luster. Once it has been stained and sealed it must be maintained regularly.

Our docks are customized to fit our customer’s needs and locations. We construct quality docks with all 3″ x 8″ .60 CCA framing with stainless steel marine hardware. To secure our decking we use all stainless steel fasteners. No contractor builds a stronger or higher quality dock. We offer an array of deck boards, including TREX, Azek, IPE hardwood, pressure treated wood, wood composite, PVC,  grated Thruflow decking. We also install custom concrete docks by Bellingham Marine. If you’re looking for the extraordinary dock, look no further than Garland and Garland Marine.

All of our docks are built using 10″ diameter 2.5 CCA treated marine piles. All piles are wrapped in .060 mil thickness PVC pilewrap standard. We also have the ability to install up to 12″ pre-stressed concrete piles.

Nobody tops our workmanship.  Every cut, every joint, and every board fit perfectly together as a standard of Garland and Garland Marine Construction.

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